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Misahualli, Ecuador

Misahualli is best known to foreigners as the destination for a jungle adventure in Ecuador, or a stepping-off point for a deep jungle adventure.




Misahualli, or Puerto Misahualli, is located at the confluence of Misahualli and Napo Rivers in Ecuador.

misahualli canoeThe town itself is tiny, and is centered around one main square.

The town formerly was a popular location for booking tours deeper into the jungle; however, most of those tours are now either booked in Quito or Tena.

However, there are still plenty of services (lodging, restaurants, tour guides) to serve any visiting tourists.

Dense jungle generally surrounds the town, including the Jatun Sacha biological reserve.

However, it is inhabited by local tribes, including the popular Shiripuno community.



misahualli monkeysActivities

Most people come to visit the jungle. Some choose to explore while based in Misahualli, while others take extended trips away from town.

As referenced earlier, most tours are organized in Quito or Tena, but Aventuras Amazonicas and Ecoselva are agencies located on the main square that offer experienced guides.

There are also plenty of local guides that you can find by asking around; or, more likely, you'll be approached by them directly.

While staying in town, a couple of the popular destinations include:

misahualli plants

  • Lounging on the sandy banks of the rivers (or swimming), or in the town square, and watching the world go by.
  • There are some local tribes within the area, which is within comfortable walking distance of town. The Shiripuno community is arguably the most popular indigenous group to visit.
  • Visiting nearby waterfalls.
  • Touring the butterfly farm in town, which features an incredible number of species.
  • Touring the the Amazoonico, which is a location for animals rescued from illegal activities and trade.


  • Misahualli is most popularly accessed via a bus from Quito, routed through Tena, and then east from Puerto Napo. You can take a look at a map.
  • However, it is also accessible from the south from the popular town of Banos. A bus ride would go from Banos to Puyo, then catch a bus heading north on a winding road to Puerto Napo, and then catch a new bus heading east into Misahualli.

misahaulli napo river

misahualli ecuador town square